Servitec Nyqvist AB

About Us

Servitec Nyqvist AB is a joint venture between two agencies, Servitec AB and Bernt Nyqvist AB. Servitec AB was founded 1989 and was to a beginning a technicall consulting agency within the textile sector. This was later on conforming to be a more sales company with different agencies for the textile industry. Since 1999 we became also a partner for industrial need of isolating vibrations.

Bernt Nyqvist AB was founded 1955 and has through the time always been active as an agency representing the more dominating machine suppliers within textile sector such as Flat-knitting, Spinning, Twisting, Winding and Dyeing industry. Servitec AB and Bernt Nyqvist AB was joining together the 1st of July 2003 and are now active under one organsisation with the name Servitec Nyqvist AB.

Servitec Nyqvist AB is still one of the largest and leading machine suppliers for the knitting industry in Sweden and Norway. Our office is in the center of Borås.